Go to the myworks.co.uk website and click on "Log in to MyWorks" in the top right hand corner. (Alternatively you can go straight to the login page )


Your teacher will have given you a password and username (remember the @presdalesphysics.co.uk bit!) which you should enter now:


If your teacher has set any quizzes for you to do, you will find them under the "To do" tab. Click on the Launch button to start the quiz.


Want to have another go at a quiz to see if you can do better?! Click on the "Completed" tab and you should find the quizzes that you've already tried.


If you want to use myworks to revise, click on the "Revision" tab.

BE CAREFUL: if you are doing double science in year 10, some of these topics have already been tested in your January exam and won't be on the next exam!

BE CAREFUL: if you are in year 11, these revision activities are designed for the new GCSE and, whilst they may be useful, many of the topics won't be on your summer exam!